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If you are struggling with mounting debt loads, unmanageable finances, or collection actions and creditor harassment, it is important that you schedule a free consultation with Morel Law as soon as possible. There are various debt relief options available to you, including bankruptcy protection, but once creditors take certain actions against you, the damage can be irreversible.

It is important that you face your debt matters head-on.
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At Morel Law you will be represented by and have direct access to a licensed attorney who practices only bankruptcy law. You will never be left in the hands of support staff, law clerks, or paralegals. From initial intake to the resolution of your debt matters you will have an attorney helping you along the way.

You will also have an advocate vigorously protecting your rights and protecting your from creditor abuse. Day after day we are helping individuals and families overcome the stress that financial problems can cause. Reclaiming your financial wellbeing is a real possibility - give us a call or fill out our Contact Us form right now. Together we will explore all of your debt relief options.


Jennifer was a wonderful choice to hire for my case. She kept me informed throughout the entire process and went the extra mile to assist me through this stressful time. Jennifer handled all "outside interference" from the moment I hired her and kept things calm. I definitely did not feel like I was just "another client" and Jennifer will be the first attorney I recommend to friends for debt relief matters.

- Rob

Ms. Morel has been extremely helpful with helping me to work through a difficult bankruptcy. Not only has she displayed a very thorough knowledge required for dealing with bankruptcy in San Diego, CA, she has been very pleasant to work with and frequently keeps me updated on how things are progressing. She has been very good at explaining to me what I needed to do to get through my bankruptcy as well as helping me to deal with the personal indignation I have been going through when having to deal with a feeling of failure.

- Wanda

Ms. Jennifer Morel was very responsive and accommodating during the time that we were getting our paperwork completed for filing of Ch 7 on our behalf. She was ready for us during our appointments and precise in what she wanted from us. Communication lines were always open as she worked on the intricacies of the case. What was accomplished at the discharge of our case was a clear reflection of Ms. Morel's admirable work habits, professionalism and thorough knowledge of the profession. Such display of fine character merits recommendation to others for more business as she is someone that can be trusted in such line of work.

- Joel

Costs & Fees of Bankruptcy

Sorrento Valley Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are considering bankruptcy, you may be concerned about how you will pay for an attorney and court costs. We charge reasonable flat rate attorney fees, so there will not be any surprise bills. Also, we are willing to work with you to set up a payment plan that you are comfortable with. You will also have to pay the bankruptcy court a filing fee.

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What to Expect

Sorrento Valley Bankruptcy Attorney

During our complimentary consultation I will explain the different types of bankruptcies, procedures for filing and the advantages and disadvantages involved, so that you know what to expect. In some circumstances, we may also explore alternatives to bankruptcy. Together we will review the attorney’s fees and court costs associated with bankruptcy.

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